Junk Removal Service

Whether it’s a broken chair or a molding couch, BMC Junk Removal provides comprehensive junk removal to help you keep your home and sidewalk clear of unwanted junk. Don’t wonder how you’re supposed to get rid of your biggest, heaviest trash. Call in BMC Junk Removal, the most trustworthy and reliable junk removal service in Riverside, CA.

Our team has the equipment and knowledge necessary to make getting rid of your junk an easy job, without hurting our backs. Most people don’t own cars that can fit entire furnishings for a trip to the dump, which is why we take your junk to the dump for you.

For waste disposal and junk removal service done quickly and at an affordable price, you’re going to need a reliable junk removal company. At BMC Junk Removal, we are committed to providing outstanding service and always do what we say we will, so that you never have to wonder or worry. Call today.